Hagoshrim Kibbutz Hotel

The Hagoshrim Kibbutz and Resort Hotel is a rare meeting of Nature’s magic, and lavish hospitality. Small rivulets and picturesque springs flow across the hotel grounds and through the kibbutz where it lies, creating a unique and enchanted corner of Nature. As part of the hotel’s concept, meals are based on a fresh Galilee menu; a top-quality culinary experience.

From their website:

The Northern Galilee region of Israel is home to one of the most beautiful and unique hotels in the country:
“Hagoshrim Hotel & Nature.” The hotel was built on the ruins of the splendid winter palace of the Amir Fahur, the Ottoman ruler of the Hula Valley and the Golan Heights. The hotel is surrounded by small streams, picturesque water springs, dense thickets and pleasant green expanses.

The property has 184 unique rooms and suites with a variety of different styles. The rooms are suitable for couples, families and groups.

As part of the hotel’s philosophy, the accommodation experience we provide includes the culinary mastery of the hotel’s chef, who perseveres in making use of only the finest ingredients of the Galilee. The hotel is surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, and adheres to strict environmental and ecological standards. Our contribution is reflected in our recycling efforts and our dedication to nurturing our natural landscapes, in social endeavors, special activities and the use of environmentally friendly energy systems.

Some of Israel’s most beautiful tourist attractions are located a short drive from the hotel: Banias Reserve, Shanir Reserve, Mount Hermon, Hula Lake, and more.


  • Health and Fitness Center
  • Restaurant
  • Lobby Bar