Adult Tour Reviews

The trip was absolutely everything I wanted plus a million! I’m a pretty tough critic and customer from my career in NYC and my family and friends are shocked that I would not change anything about the tour. What made the trip for me was the combination of the itinerary, accommodations and our guide. I feel truly blessed and privileged for having had the benefit of his knowledge. I am now a walking infomercial for Israel Discovery Tours as in my view, there is no other option than to see Israel with your group.
Robbin D – Wantagh, NY

Words cannot describe how amazing this trip was. IDT did an excellent job in organizing this tour with great efficiency.  Our tour guide was with us for the 13 days and was amazing! He was so knowledgeable and we explored so many places. It was great history lesson. The hotel accommodations were excellent and everything always ran smoothly!  Besides all the new friendships we made our guide really made this trip so enjoyable. We will never forget it and we look forward to traveling again in the future with IDT!!
Marla & Jim M – Scottsdale, AZ

We want to thank the entire IDT staff for putting together a trip that was beyond our expectations in every way!  Our trip to Israel was the trip of a lifetime and a life-changing experience, thanks to your entire team. Our guide was the best we could have hoped for. He was entertaining, informative, and protective of our group in every way. It was evident how passionate he was about the State of Israel. We returned home with a respect and compassion for the Israeli people that was above and beyond our feelings before the trip. We feel we have truly experienced Israel’s history and realize how important it is to preserve Israel as our Jewish state. We formed friendships that we shall always cherish.  We saw so much in only two weeks!  I have traveled the world including six continents, but our Israel trip was the most fabulous trip I have ever been on. Thank you again for creating a wonderful, lasting memory for us. We hope it will not be our last visit to Israel. 
Michelle Z & Bruce G – Glenview, IL

The trip was totally amazing. Our guide was warm, personable, knowledgeable and funny. We did so much in each and every day of our tour. It’s unbelievable how much we were able to do each day. The hotels were plush, luxurious and totally focused on their clients. The food was delicious everywhere we went, with many choices to choose from at every meal. And, you, Brad, started us off on this incredible Holy Land Adventure, with your outstanding service that you and your staff provided to all of us. We had a trip we shall never forget!
Lawrence & Diane G – Wellington, FL

Israel Discovery Tours is off the charts.  Everything was beyond first class.  I loved the small intimate no more than 40 people group on our bus.  We were all strangers on day one and 3 days in we were all great friends. . Our guide was one for this history books.  The love for his country, his incredible knowledge of the country and his amazing charisma and energy really brought complete strangers together…there are no words. The tour was incredibly comprehensive.  The hotels were spectacular and each one was beautifully appointed and had incredible food and service.  I felt that I experienced all aspects of Israel: the ancient history, the kibbutz experience, the natural beauty, the new and 21st century Israel.   I am so thrilled that I booked my trip with IDT. First class amazing tour company.  Hope to visit again with you!!!!!
Carol B – Monroe Township, NJ

We had the absolute best time and the experience exceeded our expectations. This was our first trip to Israel and we could ask for a better tour guide. He was the best and his knowledge and leadership was unbelievable. As you know, moving a group of upper age adults along is no easy task. His mixture of English, Yiddish, Arabic and Hebrew was entertaining to say the least. We feel as though we made a lifelong friend.
Janice & Marc N – Deerfield, IL

How does one describe a trip of a lifetime? From the beginning, Israel Discovery Tours helped us plan our FABULOUS trip to Israel.  Once we arrived we were met by IDT staff, and brought to our hotel.  From then on, we were always with someone from IDT.  If we had any questions, they were always answered. Now, let me tell you about our tour guide.   What an amazing man.  He was so knowledgeable and passionate about Israel, and funny too!! I felt he really cared about ALL of us, and treated us as if we were all family!  He was MARVELOUS, he made this trip! I can’t thank you enough for all the attention to detail that goes into a tour like this.  My visit to ISRAEL EXCEEDED my expectation and I thank you, your staff and all at IDT for making this a trip of a lifetime.
Sonni G – Wellington, FL

Fantastic, amazing, fabulous and wonderful are just a few adjectives to describe our trip to Israel. It exceeded all our expectations. The tour was very well run, and everything went off like clockwork with their incredibly full agenda. We were also very lucky because we had a great group of people on our tour. Our guide Kobe was fantastic. His knowledge of the country, history of the region and personal experiences brought the tour alive. His playfulness and sense of humor made the trip so enjoyable and unforgettable. If all that IDT provided wasn’t enough – we found out at the last minute our flight was canceled after we had already checked out of our hotel. IDT personnel quickly helped  find accommodations for that night and although it was passed the time they were responsible for us, still arranged to pick us up at our hotel at 3:30am, took us to the airport and quickly escorted us through to get on our plane. We highly recommend IDT to anyone wanting a comprehensive first-class tour of Israel. 
Stan and Jackie S – East Brunswick, NJ

We are back from the very best tour that we have ever taken to Israel and this was our seventh tour.     Our Guide was the best guide ever and the venues were excellent especially for the first-timers on our tour who were introduced to Israel in a most thoughtful and exciting way. This was the first tour that was so inclusive of almost all of the meals which makes things easy, and the hotels were just terrific. The attention to detail and organization that the Staff brought was phenomenal and we were catered to like one big family. Having been on so many tours before, my wife and I always see things that we missed before and feel closer to Israel than ever before. People that we meet who have never been to Israel ask if we would recommend that they simply fly over and see Israel on their own and we tell them that this would be a very, very big mistake. Only an organized tour like the one that Israel Discovery Tours offers will be cost effective and truly give them a meaningful experience with wonderful guides and an opportunity to see all that Israel is in its 3,000 years of history. We thank you for a wonderful experience
Louise & Gerald E – Tucson, AZ

We took the trip with Israel Discovery Tours in May and we cannot stop talking about all the beautiful and meaningful places we visited which created loving and lasting memories of our beautiful and amazing homeland. Israel Discovery Tours arranged a trip that included every aspect of the country and provided insight into our Jewish heritage and culture. Every day we experienced the beauty and natural wonders of this amazing country. IDT did not miss anything. Our tour guide was an amazing person whose knowledge of the history of the country was incredible.  There are no words to describe his passion, the love for his country, and his amazing energy. The food, the hotels, all accommodations, and the itinerary were all impeccably arranged by IDT.  Our trip with Israel Discovery Tours was incredible and we thank you for a wonderful and unforgettable experience.  
Raquel and Leonard N – West Long Branch, NJ   

Our guide was so fabulous and such a lovely person. His breadth of knowledge was extensive and he communicated it in an engaging manner and his love for Israel heartwarming and contagious. 
The itinerary was so complete. Friends of mine (including a travel agent) who have been to Israel many times said they had not seen many of the sites I saw. Upon reflection it felt like it painted a picture of ancient history to today.  I’m proud to be Jewish, more-so with what I learned and experienced in Israel. The hotels were excellent as were the restaurants we visited. My only complaint, too much food! It was more then we could have imagined. 
Mara C – Arlington, MA

Just wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful time!  It by far exceeded our expectations. The trip was well paced and our guide was beyond great. He engaged with our group, was funny and should be described as a “mobile google” bringing life experiences into our tour to just about every place we visited. I can’t think of anything missed on IDT’s itinerary. This trip will be remembered as one our most memorable trips. Well done!!!
Barry and Beth G – Merrick, NY

We had an incredible time in Israel!!  Our guide was an amazing person and his knowledge of history, biblical understanding and everyday Israeli life was unsurpassed. Every day was an adventure.  We always felt safe and at home.  The itinerary IDT provided was fabulous.  We really felt as if we were part of Israel in every place we went. It was truly a blessing to see Jewish people and Israeli flags everywhere and to feel as if we were an intricate part of our homeland. I hope we can return to our homeland again soon.  Thank you!!!
Alan & Sharon P – Highland Beach, FL

Israel is the most amazing place I have ever been and will ever travel to and I felt an incredible connection to the Israeli people. Our guide was able to educate us and show us the sights with intelligence, experience and humor.  The days were jam-packed and the nights filled with fun.  We met so many interesting people in our tour group and plan to see them again. The hotels were top notch and the bus was comfortable and equipped with a very experienced and accurate driver. I hope to return to Israel again soon!  For sure, the trip of a lifetime!
Raina P – Lincolnshire, IL

We just returned from our adventure to Israel and could not be happier with the tour or our decision to go with Israel Discovery Tours. Each day and each site brought history to life and gave new meaning to the State of Israel and its importance to the Jewish people and the world. The sequence of the tour was well planned, allowing one piece of information to build upon another. The sights and sounds of Israel came alive from the stories and point of view of the guide and staff. They not only made us feel welcome, but became part of our family. We truly felt at home in Israel because of their talents and efforts. We would be remiss not to mention the role your office played in making the trip of a lifetime. You were always available to answer questions and concerns and made us feel extremely comfortable and confident with our decision to use your company for our Israel trip. Should we decide to revisit Israel, Israel Discovery Tours will definitely be a part of our plan. Thank you again for making this a meaningful and memorable experience
Ira & Judy, Hauppauge, NY

We wanted to thank IDT for an experience of a lifetime! It is much more than just a tour!  Being in Israel with IDT was like coming home to family and we wondered why we had waited so long to do it!  From the minute we arrived to the final moments before we boarded our El Al flight, we felt so truly cared for! Each detail of our trip was arranged with such care and thoughtfulness.  Israel became our world and we will never forget a moment of out eventful visit. Other tours going to Israel could never equal the depths and breadths if our travels.  Our tour guide was fabulous and he brought out such deep emotion in us! It was incredible that each day surpassed the day before without a lull in activity and emotion.  Our group meshed so well… We felt so united sharing all these heartfelt Israeli adventures! Thank you IDT and we will forever spread the word of your expertise of Israel!              
 Linda & Sy – Newport Beach, CA

When is the last time you heard of eight ladies agreeing on anything important?  Seven of my travel companions and I wholeheartedly agree on “awesome” as a good start to describing our tour with Israel Discovery Tours, Inc.Our tour was amazing, educational, fun and varied in activities and sites visited.  Although we traveled with the “value” plan, we thought our hotels were great and well located.  The breakfast and dinner buffets were impressive and plentiful.  The included dinners in other locations were delicious and fun to attend. We had tour representatives coming and going at the airport; we had a person who dealt with hotel arrangements so that our keys and rooms were ready no matter what time of day we arrived; we had a skilled and reliable bus driver navigating both the highways and the trickier small streets and rotaries.  Best of all, we had a superior guide for the journey. He was calm, responsible, friendly, extremely knowledgeable and had an obvious love and loyalty to the country of his birth.  We felt safe with him and were comfortable, never anxious, at all points of our journey.  One leaves Israel with a feeling of love, pride and amazement having been treated to historic insights into the three major religions, awareness of centuries of life and turmoil, as well as the beauty of the land and seascapes.  One leaves in awe of the accomplishments, the bravery, skills, talents and devotion of the people who came to live there in order to establish the modern state of Israel. It was a great and thrilling adventure!  Thank you for the opportunity.
Joan – Mt. Laurel, NJ

What a wonderful trip we had! It was a dream of our lifetime. Your whole staff in Israel was not only great at their jobs, but compassionate and wonderful people. The group was terrific, fun and made the trip even more memorable. When Israel is mentioned as a “homeland”, it truly felt like it was for us all. Thank you for the cherished memory.
Eleanor & Bill – Arlington Heights, IL

It was such a pleasure to visit Israel, the land of our magnificent rich heritage, steeped in thousands of years of history, which speaks out from every stone of the ancient world. Israel Discovery Tours and our tour guide took our entire group through the journey of the ages, which came alive at every turn. His knowledge and the way he explained the history of Israel, made it come alive for us. We urge each and every one to visit Israel with Israel Discovery Tours, touch its stones, connect to the culture and experience our heritage of this unique place where the past meets the present. Our guide took us in 14 days thru the ages until today throughout the beautiful Israeli wealth of historic sights and natural wonders as well as a great variety of cultural events. Israel Discovery Tours choice of hotels offers a high level of comfort and services to make your visit even more enjoyable.  We highly recommend a vacation-tour of Israel with Israel Discovery Tours, to all our family, friends and acquaintances, and definitely hope to return soon ourselves.
Michael and Sylvia – Calexico, CA

My wife and I have just returned from IDT’s 2 week deluxe adult tour to Israel. We went with high expectations which were considerably surpassed because of what we actually experienced. This was our first trip to this absolutely beautiful and amazing country. Once you experience Israel the way it is presented by IDT, you will better understand this modern day miracle. You will find it impossible to not become emotionally moved by what you will observe and learn about the history and present-day achievements of this highly talented and resilient people. Travelling with IDT was an experience that we have never had in our past travels. They have a highly professional and passionate ground team in Israel that leaves no detail open to chance. You will find that your only task is to enjoy yourself; they will take care of every other detail from the time that you are greeted at Ben Gurion Airport to the time of your departure. Everything in between from checking into hotels to visiting the many venues is “crisp “. Of course, we were aware of the recent events that have been widely reported in the media. However, one quickly realizes that there is a significant distortion between the TV images and the reality of Israelis going about their daily business much in the same way that we do in North America.
At no time did we feel unsafe or any tension. A number of Israelis that we met during the tour told us that they appreciated our support for them by visiting Israel at this time. Well, this is the least that we can do for them.
Claire & Norman – Montreal, Canada

I recently returned from my first trip to Israel. I would describe it as far more than a trip but more as an incredible life experience and adventure. We traveled all over the beautiful and diverse country of Israel and learned so very much about our heritage and the pride and unmatched heroism of the Jewish people. While our accommodations were excellent and the various tours fascinating what I shall remember most is the feeling of “BEING “home…..Our tour guide offered us an insider’s view of life in Israel. He skillfully wove together the past and the present and helped each one of us to appreciate the value of actually being in Israel. I felt very safe and well taken care of from the moment my plane landed until the moment I left. I will miss Israel more than words can say.
My experience is truly the result of a wonderful tour company and an excellent guide.
Billie – Lakewood, CO

This trip can only be called life altering. There are too many moments, too many memories, too many emotions, too many bus rides, boat rides, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and hotels to detail, and I am sure you have heard about them all over and over again from others who have shared this experience. Your organization is phenomenal in every way. Our guide, what can one say that has not been said hundreds of times? Our Teacher, our Rabbi, our Cantor, our General, our Teller of Jokes, our Philosopher, our Scholar, he was all that and so much more. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for an itinerary that left us literally breathless and exhausted, intellectually stimulated and challenged, emotionally spent from laughing, crying, singing and dancing, and most importantly, connected to Israel, another word for home. May you and IDT continue to give others this wonderful adventure. With warmest regards,
Lauren and Allen – Skokie, IL

Our Israel Discovery Tours trip was truly awesome and much more wonderful than we ever dreamt it would be. In fact, if we could come back next week, we would. Everything was so well planned and thought through. The sites we visited were all so fascinating, many unusual for tourists, and a real educational experience; the hotels and restaurants luxurious; the meals absolutely delicious and elegantly prepared and served. The bus and air-plane transportation were planned perfectly. The people on the tour were all delightful, friendly, and so thoughtful.. Most outstanding was our terrific guide; so knowledgeable, humorous, energetic, and fun to have as a travel companion, and so, so proud of Israel. In short, the entire trip was “Azayoka” (amazing/wowie). My husband I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and it was truly the trip of a life-time, the very best in our 58 years of marriage. We highly recommend IDT and look forward to coming back again soon. “Toda” from us both for this sensational experience.
Reva and Aaron – Beachwood, OH

We returned from our trip two weeks ago and still have not stopped talking about how wonderful it was. It was the trip of a lifetime. Being a tour member of IDT and as our guide always said, “We were part of the IDT family” was much much more than we ever expected. We never could have anticipated what we saw, how we were treated and the way everything just flowed. We never had to worry about our luggage, or our accommodations and food that was beyond fabulous. There are no words to describe our guide. Not only was he full of information (and we still cannot get over the amount of knowledge he had) but he was so concerned about us. He wanted us to feel Israel through his eyes and heart, and we did. At every evening stop he gave everyone on the tour his room number in case he was needed in the evening. He could not stop filling us with information. We must also give a big round of applause to our bus driver. Not only was the bus spotless every day and timely, but he was terrific as driver. We all felt very safe in the company of the IDT representatives. Should we ever decide to revisit Israel, IDT would be our choice hands down. We would not even consider another tour company. We had friends that have traveled with other tour companies, and when we compared our tour to theirs, IDT won, hands down. Thank you IDT. You were all the best. You made our dream trip a true reality.
Zita & Ed – Boynton Beach, FL

I wanted to take this opportunity to say how much I enjoyed the recent trip to Israel. Everything worked so well, starting with you and all your patience in dealing with me. People always ask me what the most amazing part of the trip was, and I can’t respond with any one answer. Everything day was filled with significant and meaningful adventures from climbing into the deep archeological pit and finding some artifacts, to riding a camel. Israel Discovery Tours included highlights of so many unique Israeli sites and activities. Our guide was interesting, patient and full of pride for Israel which transferred to all of us. This was my third trip to Israel, but the first on a formal tour. It had been over thirty years since I was there, and the changes were so incredible that nothing seemed repetitious. Very importantly, we felt safe. There are no guarantees of safety and security in any city anymore, but with our guide there was a strong sense of well-being. Israel Discovery Tours also made the trip easy for us. We were met at the airport and returned to the airport. Our luggage was carefully watch and loaded for each change in location. You even arranged for wake up calls every morning. Thank you for coordinating such a meaning experience. I highly recommend your company.
Becky– Mt. Laurel, NJ

I waited 50 years for the opportunity to visit Israel. Your incredible, comprehensive tour not only met but far exceeded all my expectations!. From one end of the country to another, from ancient to modern times, we first handedly experienced the trials and triumphs of our people. Words can’t express my heartfelt gratitude for providing such a wonderful experience. You ‘wet my appetite’ to return to Israel and hopefully inspire many people to join me! I would highly recommend your company; it was five star all the way!
Shelley – Huntingdon Valley, PA

Our trip was fantastic—an adventure of a lifetime! We loved it. It was upscale, intense and exhilarating. We are still processing it all—everything was a highlight and everything had special significance. Our guide made it all come alive. He was caring, personal, professional and above all, knowledgeable and passionate.
We cannot stop talking about the trip. The memories will last a lifetime.
Norma and Chuck , Oxford CT

Although we had been talking about going to Israel for several years, I really had no idea what to expect. I had heard wonderful stories from friends who had visited there and I can say that we had the trip of a lifetime with IDT. We covered the country from north to south and east to west. Each day I thought, “This has been so enriching; how can it get any better?” Well, each day was better than the previous one and I’m not even sure I could tell you my favorite part–I’ve been back for almost a week and think about our trip every day.
Our guide was amazing–so knowledgeable and experienced with Israel history. He made the entire history of Israel come alive with stories of ingenuity, passion, courage and idealism, I couldn’t get enough of it. Everything from Masado to Ayalon to Yad Vashem to the kibbutz Ein Gev to the Palmach Museum–made me think a lot about my Jewish heritage and how proud I am to be Jewish. Every last detail was attended to–hotels, restaurants, tickets for all the events. Thank you for a first class trip!
We walked many places in Jerusalem and never felt threatened. In fact, it felt very peaceful wherever we were. I would not hesitate to return to Israel and hope to go on the second timer tour.
Karli – Littleton, CO

We wanted to express our thanks to Israel Discovery Tours for the wonderful trip we just completed to Israel. It exceeded our expectations in every respect. The hotels, especially the King David, were superb in all cities. Our guide Avi was wonderful. Not only did he provide much insight and information about ancient and modern Israel, but he truly made us feel that we had indeed arrived at our other homeland, Israel, which is an amazing country. This is not a vacation. The emotional impact of visiting for the first time was profound and endures. Since this was our first trip we were amazed at the diverse beauty of Israel from the beaches of Tel Aviv and Eilat, to the rolling hills and amazing architecture of Jerusalem, to the green lush mountains of the Golan to the Judean desert. The Israelis we met on the tour were wonderful to us. The food, especially the breakfast and dinner buffets were delicious. We had a great group of people on the trip with us that helped make it special as well. Every day was a new and deeply moving experience, from visiting the Western Wall to the tank and aircraft outdoor museums with their wonderful IDF tour guides, to the jeep tour of the Golan adjacent to the Syrian border and especially the opportunity to spend almost two hours chatting with a wonderful kibbutz family at Ein Gev – not only about life on the kibbutz, but also about issues of concern to all Israeli’s. We have seen parts of Israel that friends who visited several times have not experienced. We never felt threatened or insecure at any time. I wouldn’t change a thing on the itinerary. This was a life changing experience for us and I think for most in the group. Our only regret is we should have made this journey sooner. Thanks again.
Ed & Joyce, Scottsdale AZ

I think about it I say “did we really do that?”. This trip was packed full with information that I could not absorb it all (even if I had a tape recorder). We traveled from the North to the South to the East to the West. We met Israelis, we met Americans who serve in the IDF. We cried hearing their heroic stories, we laughed with our guide yelling “Yalla, Yalla!” (take it slow, we want no accidents). Israel Discovery Tours did a first class adventure for us. This was our second trip to Israel (1st was 22 years ago). This trip focused on different issues, different experiences. We went on an archeological dig, we had a memorial service at Yad Vashem (Valley of the Destroyed Communities), saw the Scrolls of Fire, saw the amazing Chagall Windows at Hadassah Hospital, saw memorials from several wars and paid tribute to heros, met a kibbutznik family and heard their story, bathed in the Dead Sea and gave ourselves salt rub downs, heard Masada’s amazing story and saw the artifacts, Eilat (we deviated here to go to Petra – a true World Wonder – worth the price and the journey, went to the Western Wall and saw the multiple notes and papers written and inserted into the crevices. I became so very emotional at the Women’s section and left my prayers. We traveled the Golan Heights. We saw an old cobble stoned city, a synogogue where we happened to see a Bar Mitzvah and shopped in the artist colony of Safed. We took a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee and learned dances – we sang and danced. We saw the Grottos at Rosh Hanikra and had desert in a local restaurant “Chocolate Pizza” – Yum, Yum! Tel Aviv – such beautiful beaches! We visited the amazing Ayalon Institute where the underground bullet factory was erected and the Palmach Museum. This was truly an amazing experience that was planned by Israel Discovery Tours. Our guide Koby and our crew of adventurers were what made this trip special. The hotels and the food were great! I still hear “Yalla, Yalla”.
Maris & Alan, Lake Worth FL

We want to officially thank Israeli Discovery Tours for a magnificent trip to Israel. There were so many impressive aspects to the transformative experience. “Fabulous tour guides” is something we heard from anyone who had traveled with you, yet our guide and our driver surpassed our expectations. Our guide’s expansive knowledge of history, art, and religion – combined with his knowledge of human nature and the mind-set of travelers – combined with his incredible sense of humor was surely a key component of our wonderful experience. But there was more. The itinerary, from the choices of sites visited to the sequencing of the stops along the way contributed to the impact of the trip. Little by little, the history and beauty of Israel unfolded before us. Surely a brilliant tour guide and a thoughtful itinerary are crucial elements of a great tour, but that would leave out the “heart” that comes through as the core of your company. From the gentleman who greeted us at the airport to local hosts, including the Bedouins, every person associated with our group was extraordinarily warm, helpful, and without fail, full of good humor. Our friends from Arizona were on their third trip with you which originally struck as odd. But by the time we were halfway through the tour thoughts were already forming in our heads about how to drag the rest of our family back on the same tour. We returned from the trip with a newfound pride and deep understanding of what it has meant throughout history to be a Jew. We feel fortunate to have taken our first trip to Israel with you. We are now sure it won’t be our last. To all who contribute to Israel Discovery Tours – Thank you! We hope to see you again, soon.
Robin and Steve K – Highland Park, IL

I just wanted to say what a wonderful experience Israel was. I was concerned about security before I left, but I felt so safe, secure and well cared for the entire two weeks. Our guide was amazing and made history come alive for me. The arrangements were perfectly executed like a well-oiled machine. I met lovely people, many of whom will be lifelong friends. I can highly recommend this trip to everyone and I’m so very glad I did not wait to visit this amazing place.
Judy J – Plano TX

We waited much too long to plan our first trip to Israel—to be exact—64 years. Never the less, we signed up with Israel Discovery Tours. A tour that would take us from one part of Israel to the next, from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv to Haifa to Eilat to Tiberias and the Golan Heights to Masada and all those in between places we had just read about, both from history and present day. What we experienced during the next two weeks was remarkable. First, what a beautiful and diverse country filled with wonderment, history, modernization, technological advances from medicine, arts and sciences, to new discoveries from the past that enlightened us about our roots. As we completed our two-week journey, I reflected on this limited time and thought, “we all must make this journey as it is an experience like no other and a nation that embraces you with the love and caring.” Now, more than ever, a trip to Israel is a must as they need us more than ever. I am reminded of a line from the classic show, ‘Fiddler on the Roof,’ “Why do we stay up here if it is so dangerous? We stay because Anatevka is our home.” Israel is our home, and we need to stay and support it even during the most difficult of times. Thank you, the people of Israel and Israel Discovery Tours, for an experience of a lifetime.
Deb & Ken M – Morganville, NJ

Since this was our first trip to Israel, we were eager to see the land, the lifestyle and feel the heartbeat of the people. Israel Discovery Tours anticipated our expectations and provided an extraordinary view of them all. Our guide led us, Moses like, through the Promised Land with insight, wisdom and passion. You gave us a perspective of Israel that we will long remember.
Barbara & David L- Boynton Beach, FL

We’re Back! We’re Home! But more importantly, we were also “at home” in Eretz Yisrael. We wanted to tell you what a fabulous trip we had in Israel. The hotels were first class all the way. The food was delicious and plentiful. The sights and sounds and the places we visited were amazing. What really made the trip especially enjoyable was your staff in Israel. Our guide did an excellent job – his knowledge really brought the country to life. Our driver and hostess did an amazing job – making sure that every detail was attended to promptly. Even our arrival and departure transfers went perfectly. Thank you for such a wonderful tour. Keep up the great job!
Rhonda & Skip N – Glenview, IL

Just a note to tell you how wonderful our Israel trip was. The memories will be with me forever and I will think of them often. Everything was great – people places & things. Accommodations, tours and staff were top notch. Not only did I fall in love with our beautiful Jewish state, but with your staff in Israel. They will be in my thoughts and heart forever. Thanks again for making my Israel experience so remarkable.
Rhoda G – Skokie, IL

Before the memories fade, I wanted to let you know how wonderful the trip to Israel was for me. The coordination from the moment you land in Tel Aviv to every planned day trip was seamless. I especially want to commend your staff in Israel. The guide was an absolute treasure. His depth of his passion for his native land was expressed throughout the tour. Overall, the trip left the group with a spiritual connection and love for Israel.
Judith K – Bardonia, NY

The trip was fantastic! Every day I said this was my favorite and the next day we would do something even more amazing. I loved Israel so much. You were so right about being on a tour and sharing the experience with other people. Our group was unbelievable and everyone became fast friends. Best of all was our guide – his knowledge as well as his love of Israel gave us an experience of a life time. We can’t wait to go back!
Sheri K – Long Grove, IL

What an incredible journey! I tell folks it was not that we saw so much of Israel (from Golan to Eilat) but that we experienced Israel. I think everyone on the tour really got a feel for Israel in the “kishkas.” This trip was a life changing experience for so many of us. I thank you for all the hard work that goes into providing such a fabulous tour. I am recommending it to all my friends!
Scott & Pamela A – San Mateo, CA

I would be remiss if I did not write to thank and commend you for providing such a wonderful tour. Everything was handled in an extremely professional manner and contributed to an unforgettable and unbelievable trip. Our guide was so knowledgeable and passionate when relating the history of the country. He not only made history come alive, but he fostered a feeling of pride in all of us. We have taken many tours all over the world with “top rated” companies but never had a guide as good as him. I would say that this was, hands down, the best trip we have ever taken. When our friends ask us about our tour, Israel Discovery Tours will receive the highest recommendation.
Sue & Bill P – Osprey, FL

This was the trip of a lifetime and words cannot adequately do it justice. The entire staff was incredible. Everything was seamless and impeccably coordinated. The sites were breathtaking. The hotels were spectacular. The trip was the perfect balance of history, fun and spiritual energy. It is rare that one’s vision and desires live up to expectations. This exceeded mine. I could not have hoped for anything more!
Richard M – Parsippany, NJ