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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

We just returned from our completely SOLD OUT December Family / Bar-Bat Mitzvah tour and what a fantastic trip it was!  Families from all over the United States came to Israel and had an unforgettable experience.  On December 24th we welcomed everyone to Israel with a reception and dinner at our luxury Jerusalem hotel - the brand new Waldorf Astoria, which has just been rated #1 in the Middle East and #7 in the world by the readers of Conde Nast Traveler Magazine.  For three fun filled days we toured Jerusalem including; the Old City, a memorial service at Yad Vashem, the Israel Museum and a visit to Israel's Military Cemetery.  The new excavations in the Old city showed us how our Jewish roots from centuries ago are still growing and deeply connected to our modern 21st century lives.


History was all around us as we left Jerusalem and toured to northern Israel.  We visited ancient Roman ruins in Caesarea, the modern seaside city of Haifa and the magnificent gardens of the Bahai Temple, the beautiul natural grottos of Rosh Hanikrah and ended our day in Tiberias on the Sea of Galilee.  Our touring in the North was full of fun, exploration and experiences that broadened our knowledge of life in Israel.  In the Golan we saw tanks and bunkers from past wars and leaned about the sacrifices paid by Israel to ensure and protect peace.  At Gan Garoo we met and played with some of Israel's newest immigrants - Kangaroos and Koala Bears!  We danced and sang our way across the Sea of Galilee on a private boat and were greeted at Kibbutz Ein Gev by our Kibbutz hosts who invited us into their homes to learn about this unique communal lifestyle. 


After two nights in the North we headed south to the Dead Sea, the lowest place on Earth.  With touring along the way including stops at Belvoir (an ancient crusader fortress), the Qumran Caves, where the Dead Sea Scolls were found and the desert oasis of Ein Gedi, we arrived at the luxurious Isrotel Dead Sea Resort and Spa with plenty of time to float in Dead Sea, relax at the pool and enjoy treatments.  Feeling fresh and renewed we were awakened before sunrise on December 31st.  On the last day of the year we rode the cable car to the top of Masada.  At sunrise our Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrants and their families were called to the Torah in the ancient synagogue of this impressive mountain fortress.  Grandparents, parents, siblings, friends and relatives who traveled thousands of miles to witness this momentous occasion will never forget this most important rite of passage.  It was so meaningful for everyone and more than a few tears were shed. 

A beautiful buffet breakfast waited for us at our hotel upon our return from Masada.  We then began our journey to the modern metropolis of Tel Aviv.  Along the way we had a fantastic visit with the Bedouins and rode camels!  Next was a real "hands on" archaelogical dig.  We rang in the New Year at the Tel Aviv Hilton with a fabulous Bar/Bat Mitzvah gala.  At midnight, champagne was poured and 2016 was welcomed with hugs, kisses and wishes for health, happiness and peace.  The group danced and sang until well after midnight!


The last day of touring included the Ayalon Institute, Latrun, shopping time and a lovely farewell Shabbat dinner.  It was an incredible tour and we know all the families would agree that Israel Discovery Tours provided the finest Israel experience.  From our Deluxe hotels and exciting itinerary to our own staff of seasoned guides - we give you the best of Israel.  Let us welcome you home in 2016!



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Summer 2015

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It’s hard to believe that Summer has ended and Fall is upon us. Our final Family/Bar-Bat Mitzvah tour of the summer season returned home on August 31st. Since then the calls have not stopped coming in from our passengers and their friends they have referred to us for future tours to Israel. This tour was comprised of families from all across American and Canada. They met in Israel as strangers but are now one large family bonded by their shared experiences on our Israel tour.

We would like to share with you just a few of the letters we’ve received:

My wife, two sons and I have now been back in the U.S. for about a week, and while I'm not inclined to hyperbole, this was frankly the most amazing trip we've ever taken. Certainly, it was significant for several reasons: 1) it was our first trip to Israel - ever; and 2) our son had his Bar Mitzvah at dawn on Masada. It was also a trip which encompassed the entire country, from the northern Lebanese border to Eilat in the south, from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, from the Jordan River to the Sea of Galilee to the Dead See to the Red Sea. Oh, and did I mention that we both drove and flew over the Negev, visited a Kibbutz, received and ongoing lesson in political science and history (our tour guide was nothing short of brilliant and funny, besides being incredibly informative). We also saw the Knesset, Yad Vashem, and the military cemetery which was more than poignant.

Throughout the entire trip, every event and activity functioned like clockwork. Even the rabbi as arranged by Israel Discovery Tours made our son feel that this truly was his Bar Mitzvah, along with the other boys and girls who were there for the same purpose. No event or activity was either too long or too short.

In sum, this was the most enjoyable trip we've ever taken!

Thanks ever so much to Israel Discovery Tours for giving us such a great experience.

-Christine & Dana L – Worcester, MA

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We were thrilled with our Israel Tour. From start to finish, we enjoyed everything. We stayed at luxurious hotels (including the new Waldorf Astoria in Jerusalem) and our guide was smart, entertaining and informative. There were so many highlights, but the most memorable was the Bar Mitzvah service on Masada.   It was a wonderful moment to share with family and new friends. The attention to detail - from the hotels, the meals and the roomy bus (apples and water too!) made the trip carefree. It certainly surpassed our expectations

-Deborah & Jason T – Old Bethpage, NY

DSC 0569

Our experience with the Israel Discovery Tours Bar Mitzvah Family Tour this summer was amazing. I can't say enough positive things about the staff, the itinerary and the experiences. We stayed at wonderful hotels and ate way too much great food. But, it was really our tour guide who made the trip so memorable. He was incredibly knowledgeable and fun. I think I'll hear "yalla" in my sleep for a few weeks, but we all will cherish the experience learning the geography and history of our homeland.

-Beth & Matthew S – Richboro, PA

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2015 Adults Only Tours

Space is limited on our Fall 2015 Adults Only tours for good reason!

Read what our Spring 2015 passengers have to say about their Israel experience:

We returned from our trip two weeks ago and still have not stopped talking about how wonderful it was.  It was the trip of a lifetime.  Being a tour member of IDT and as guide always said, "being part of the IDT family" was much more than we ever expected.  We never could have anticipated what we saw, how we were treated and the way everything just flowed.  We never had to worry about our luggage, or accommodations and food - that was beyond fabulous at every stop.  At every meal we said "this cannot be topped!"  We were wrong, the next meal was even better.  We are still talking about the dinner at the restaurant on the Sunday evening before we left for the airport!

There are no words to describe our guide.  Not only was he full of information (and we still cannot get over the amount of knowledge he had), but he was so concerned about us.  He wanted us to feel Israel through is eyes and heart, and we did.  At every evening stop he gave everyone on the tour his room number in case he was needed during the night.  He could not stop filling us with information.  We must also give a big round of applause to our bus driver.  We all felt very safe in the company of the IDT representatives. 

Should we ever decide to revist Israel, IDT would be our choice hands down.  We would not even consider another tour company.  We had friends that have traveled with other tour companies, and when we compared our tour to theirs, IDT won hands down.

A special thank you to Bradley, who always answered my questions, had good suggestions and always returned my phone calls.

Again, thank you IDT.  You were all the best.  You made our dream trip a true reality.

Zita & Ed - Boynton Beach, FL 

Day 1 Virtual Tour - The April 27th Adults Only Value Tour has arrived in Israel. They are probably finishing their delicious Welcome Dinner at the Inbal Hotel in Jerusalem and heading upstairs to their beds for a good nights sleep. Spoiler Alert - Jet Lag should wake them up around 4:00 am. CNN International can be a jet lagged traveler's best friend. After an Israeli Buffet Breakfast (I'm so jealous!) - an exciting day of touring in Jerusalem.



Day 2 Virtual Tour - Today was the first full day of touring in Jerusalem. I'm sure many of our passengers are still finding it hard to believe that they're finally here. For the majority of the group, this is their first visit to Israel. First stop today was the Old City in Jerusalem. King David's Tomb, The Jewish Quarter and The Western Wall were just a few of the amazing sights visited.

kd tomb


Day 3 Virtual Tour - Today our group got their hands dirty at the Tel Maresha Dig. It was time to look for buried treasures at this underground archaeological site. Digging and sifting revealed ancient pieces of pottery and artifacts from past civilizations.



Day 4 Virtual Tour - Shabbat Shalom!
Today was a very emotional day as our group visited Yad Vashem - Israel's National Memorial to the victims of the Holocaust. After a private memorial service and a visit to the Museum and Memorials, it was on to the Israel Museum to see the Dead Sea Scrolls, Sculpture Garden and scale model of Jerusalem. A visit to the Western Wall to before Shabbat was a wonderful way to end the week. Tonight is a traditional Shabbat dinner at the Inbal Hotel.

IMG 0220


Day 5 Virtual Tour - It was a day of rest in Jerusalem for our group. The wake up call came a little bit later this morning. A fascinating walking tour of the the Old City was the only touring today. The rest of the day was at leisure. Tomorrow is another big day as the group will leave Jerusalem and head south to the Dead Sea - the lowest place on Earth.

IMG 0114


Day 6 Virtual Tour - The adventure continues... into the desert. Today our group left Jerusalem and toured to the Dead Sea. On the way they stopped at the Hatzarim Air Force Base and saw the actual command plane used in the Entebbe operation. Before arriving at our luxury resort at the Dead Sea our group enjoyed a taste of Bedouin hospitality and camel rides! Floating in the Dead Sea was a relaxing way to end the day.



Days 7 & 8 Virtual Tour - Wow, so much has happened since our last update. Day 6 started early with a cable car ride up to the top of Masada. The group enjoyed a magnificent view of the Dead Sea and surrounding desert from the top of the ancient fortress. After a tour of the excavations it was back to the hotel for breakfast and then on to Eilat. Along the way they saw King Solomon's Pilars and stopped at Yotvata Dairy Kibbutz for a refreshing ice cream break. Day 7 - two options - A relaxing and fun yacht cruise on the red sea with lunch, snorkeling, swimming and parasailing (for the adventurous) or an optional day trip to see one of the wonders of the world - the ancient Nabatean capital city of Petra, Jordan



Days 9 & 10 Virtual Tour - Going North - Day 8 began with a short flight from Eilat to Tel Aviv. From Tel Aviv the group continued touring to northern Israel and ended their day on the shores of The Sea of Galilee in the city of Tiberias. Along the way they saw the spectacular Roman ruins of Caesarea, Megiddo and the ancient synagogue at Beit Alpha. Day 9 was another day of adventure that included a jeep tour in the Golan Heights and the ancient holy city of Safed - the center of Jewish mysticism - Kabbalah. This evening the group went to Kibbutz Ein Gev and had the unique opportunity to enjoy the hospitality of the Kibbutzniks in their homes and learn about life on the Kibbutz.




Days 9 & 10 Virtual Tour - Going North - Day 8 began with a short flight from Eilat to Tel Aviv. From Tel Aviv the group continued touring to northern Israel and ended their day on the shores of The Sea of Galilee in the city of Tiberias. Along the way they saw the spectacular Roman ruins of Caesarea, Megiddo and the ancient synagogue at Beit Alpha. Day 9 was another day of adventure that included a jeep tour in the Golan Heights and the ancient holy city of Safed - the center of Jewish mysticism - Kabbalah. This evening the group went to Kibbutz Ein Gev and had the unique opportunity to enjoy the hospitality of the Kibbutzniks in their homes and learn about life on the Kibbutz.



Day 12 Virtual Tour - Shabbat in Tel Aviv. A day to rest and relax. The group took advantage of their final Shabbat in Israel - they strolled along the beach, took naps by the pool, ate delicious Mediterranean style lunches and reflected on what they have seen and done over the past 11 days. Their Israel experience is not over yet! Tonight is their festive farewell banquet. After a day of rest they should be ready to dance the night away.

Israel Pictures 114


Day 13 Virtual Tour - It's not over yet! This morning the group visited the Ayalon Institute - site of the underground bullet factory used during the War of Independence, The Weizmann Institute of Science where medical and scientific breakthroughs happen almost daily, and toured modern Tel Aviv. Last stop of the day was the Palmach Museum - a fascinating and captivating experience dedicated to the first defenders of Israel. The rest of the day was at leisure to shop, pack, rest and relax before the long flight home.



Day 14 Virtual Tour - The April 27th group is on their way home. It was an amazing two week experience and we cannot wait to hear from them! The May 4th group is at the Dead Sea today. June 11 is the departure date for our next Family / Bar-Bat Mitzvah tour. It's going to be a busy summer!




2014 was certainly a tumultuous year, but at Israel Discovery Tours it ended wonderfully with our fantastic Family - Bar/Bat Mitzvah tour over winter break.  Arriving over Hanukkah, our families lit the candles and celebrated the Festival of Lights together at the magnificent Waldorf Astoria, Jerusalem.  What an experience to be in Israel over Hanukkah!  All the families gathered together at the welcome dinner; meeting each other, bonding and preparing for their journey of a lifetime.  It may not come in a box with a bow, but can there really be a better Hanukkah gift than taking your family to Israel for your child's Bar/Bat Mitzvah?

After touring all over Israel and having an amazing and meaningful Bar/Bat Mitzvah service on top of Masada, our group ended their journey in Tel Aviv with our fabulous banquet on New Year's Eve.  In 12 short days the group saw, felt and experienced Israel.  Most importantly, everyone (especially the children) came home with a special connection to Israel - a bond that cannot be broken.

Are you thinking about taking your family to Israel next December?  Give us a call and get all the information now!  Airfares have just become available and we are booking up fast!

We thought you would like to see some of the letters we received after our December passengers returned home:

We had an amazing trip to Israel with Israel Discovery Tours!  Our experience started with the excellent administrators who were extremely helpful and informative in scheduling our trip, which we completed in one week!  Once in Israel, the high level of service continued throught the entire trip.  The itinerary was well organized and packed with important places to see.  Our tour guide was a true historian with colorful details about Israel's history and the politics of the region.  We saw so much of Israel and never had to worry about logistics.  We were always greeted warmly at each hotel, the food was plentiful and delicious, and our children had so much fun with the other kids on the tour.  The Bar/Bat Mitzvahs on Masada were particularly meaningful.  Meeting the rabbi in advance, having a rehearsal, and having the ceremony held in such a historic Jewish place made it all an experience our family will never forget.  We highly recommend Israel Discovery Tours to families looking to have a rich, meaningful and fun trip to Israel.  It was simply outstanding!    -Melissa, Francis F. & Family - Chicago, IL

We just returned from a terrific and completely joyous Bar/Bat Mitzvah trip to Israel.  Watching our grandson's Bar Mitzvah on top of Masada was a treasured experience that we are never going to forget.  Being able to share in the excitement of our family's journey through Israel was a treat.  Our tour guide, Avi, was as good as they come.  He was smart, knowledgeable and had a great sense of humor.  Our bus driver, Shmilo, was also as good as they come.  We could not have been more satisfied.  We relaxed and learned so much.  The itinerary was so perfectly planned.  It's so hard to please so many people on a tour, but they did.  We were on the go from early in the morning, where we had delicious breakfasts each day, until late evening where we feasted in restaurants - the menus were varied and the food was superb.  The service we had was excellent.  The Israeli people were delighted to have us there and it showed.  The trip was educational, interesting and fun, right on up to the gala party the night before we went home.  The people on our bus were very congenial and the kids had a great time and did not want the trip to end.  We want to sincerely thank Israel Discovery Tours for a job very well done.  They did everything above and beyond what you would expect.                                                                          -Leslie & Neil B. - Las Vegas, NV

Our family had talked about going to Israel for our oldest son's Bar Mitzvah since he was little.  We had built the expectations up so much that we worried whether the kids (ages 10 & 13) would truely comprehend and enjoy the experience.  Our Israel Discovery Tour exceeded all of our expectations.  From the moment we landed in Israel and were first welcomed in Jerusalem through our journey around Israel we felt at home.  We were part of the majority, not the minority.  The friendships forged with other families as we explored Israel will last a lifetime.   -Nicole & Mark L.  -Glencoe IL

"We wanted to express our thanks to Israel Discovery Tours for the wonderful trip we just completed to Israel. It exceeded our expectations in every respect. The hotels, especially the King David, were superb in all cities. Our guide Avi was wonderful. Not only did he provide much insight and information about ancient and modern Israel, but he truly made us feel that we had indeed arrived at our other homeland, Israel, which is an amazing country. This is not a vacation. The emotional impact of visiting for the first time was profound and endures. Since this was our first trip we were amazed at the diverse beauty of Israel from the beaches of Tel Aviv and Eilat, to the rolling hills and amazing architecture of Jerusalem, to the green lush mountains of the Golan to the Judean desert. The Israelis we met on the tour were wonderful to us. The food, especially the breakfast and dinner buffets were delicious. We had a great group of people on the trip with us that helped make it special as well. Every day was a new and deeply moving experience, from visiting the Western Wall to the tank and aircraft outdoor museums with their wonderful IDF tour guides, to the jeep tour of the Golan adjacent to the Syrian border and especially the opportunity to spend almost two hours chatting with a wonderful kibbutz family at Ein Gev - not only about life on the kibbutz, but also about issues of concern to all Israeli's. We have seen parts of Israel that friends who visited several times have not experienced. We never felt threatened or insecure at any time. I wouldn't change a thing on the itinerary. This was a life changing experience for us and I think for most in the group. Our only regret is we should have made this journey sooner. Thanks again."

-Ed & Joyce, Scottsdale AZ

The October 27th Adults Only Value Tour returned home this week and our passengers couldn't wait to tell us about thier trip. 

My wife and I just returned yesterday from an Adults Only Value Tour with IDT.  Wow!! What a phenomenal trip.  IDT has this down pat.  Logistics were excellent - they really thought about the itinerary and how each site and experience built upon the previous ones.  Starting in Jerusalem was brilliant... what a foundation for the rest of the tour.  We are not religious, but it was a very spiritual experience.  It would not be possible to find a better guide - he had us laughing, crying and reeling from all the information and knowledge he was conveying.  What an amazing guy!  This is a jam-packed tour - be prepared for early starts and full days.  Food and accommodations were great.  I can't imagine what the hotels are like for the Deluxe tour because the ones on the Value tour were really nice.  I would use Israel Discovery Tours again in a heartbeat without any hesitation whatsoever!   Jeffrey & Linda, Lincolnshire IL


The trip was great! Every time I think about it I say "did we really do that?".  This trip was packed full with information that I could not absorb it all (even if I had a tape recorder).  We traveled from the North to the South to the East to the West.  We met Israelis, we met Americans who serve in the IDF.  We cried hearing their heroic stories, we laughed with our guide yelling "Yalla, Yalla!" (take it slow, we want no accidents).  Israel Discovery Tours did a first class adventure for us.  This was our second trip to Israel (1st was 22 years ago).  This trip focused on different issues, different experiences.  We went on an archeological dig, we had a memorial service at Yad Vashem (Valley of the Destroyed Communities), saw the Scrolls of Fire, saw the amazing Chagall Windows at Hadassah Hospital, saw memorials from several wars and paid tribute to heros, met a kibbutznik family and heard their story, bathed in the Dead Sea and gave ourselves salt rub downs, heard Masada's amazing story and saw the artifacts, Eilat (we deviated here to go to Petra - a true World Wonder - worth the price and the journey, went to the Western Wall  and saw the multiple notes and papers written and inserted into the crevices. I became so very emotional at the Women's section and left my prayers.  We traveled the Golan Heights. We saw an old cobble stoned city, a synogogue where we happened to see a Bar Mitzvah and shopped in the artist colony of Safed.  We took a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee and learned dances - we sang and danced.  We saw the Grottos at Rosh Hanikra and had desert in a local restaurant "Chocolate Pizza" - Yum, Yum!  Tel Aviv - such beautiful beaches!  We visited the amazing Ayalon Institute where the underground bullet factory was erected and the Palmach Museum.  This was truly an amazing experience that was planned by Israel Discovery Tours.  Our guide Koby and our crew of adventurers were what made this trip special.  The hotels and the food were great!  I still hear "Yalla, Yalla".     Maris & Alan, Lake Worth FL 

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Fall 2014 Adults Only Value Tour

The October 27th Adults Only Value Tour has arrived in Israel and they are ready to start their trip of a lifetime.  Take a look at the video below taken at our orientation meeting.  You can just feel the excitement.

Israel Discovery Tours offers three Adults Only "Value" departures a year for our travelers.  Our Value Tours use the identical itinerary as the Deluxe Tours; the only difference being the selection of Hotels.  We use the best hotels in their class in terms of quality and location including: The Inbal Hotel Jerusalem, Isrotel Ganim Dead Sea, Herods Palace Eilat, Galei Kinnereth Tiberias and the David Intercontinental Tel Aviv.  All of these hotels offer the level of service and comfort for which our tour is famous at a more moderate price.  It's a great way to save some money and still get the quality and service that Israel Discovery Tours is known for. 

After 5 nights in Jerusalem, 1 night at the Dead Sea and 2 nights in Eilat, the group will fly up north and spend two nights in Tiberias.  We always fly up north to avoid the long bus trip.  While in Tiberias, our group will do all the touring of Northern Israel.  They are going to see the fabulous aqueduct at Caesaria, the 23 layers of civilization at Megiddo, the magnificent mosaic synagogue floor at Beit Alpha, the Golan Heights and Safed.  If that wasn't enough, when they tour from Tiberias to Tel Aviv they are going to visit the breathtaking grotoes at Rosh Hanikra, the Crusaders castle in Akko and the beautiful city of Haifa. When we tell you you're going to see all of Israel - we mean ALL of Israel.

The group will end the tour with 3 nights in vibrant Tel Aviv.  Amoung other things, they're going to visit the world famous Weizmann Institute, see the underground bullet factory at the Ayalon Institute and experience a unique mutimedia presentation at the Palmach Museum.  Of course, we have a fantastic farewell dinner planned for them at the David Intercontinental Tel Aviv.  What an evening it's going to be with music, dancing and great food.  Just like our September group, we've arranged a surprise speaker to give a special talk before dinner.  A perfect end to a perfect trip. 

Wednesday, 22 October 2014 00:00

The October 20th Group has arrived!

Our October 20, 2014 Adults Only Deluxe Tour has just arrived today and they're thrilled to be in Israel. They took a video to say hello–take a look below! First event of the tour is our fabulous Cocktail Party Reception and spectacular dinner at the world famous King David Hotel Jerusalem.  Passengers from all across the country will meet each other, their guide, make new friends and learn about the exciting journey that awaits them.  Most important - we eat!

Here's what's on the menu tonight:

Poached Salmon with an Herb Salad in a Vinaigrette Sauce

Grilled Spring Chicken Scented with Pesto

Baked Potato

Roasted Vegetables

Chocolate Trio for Dessert!

Nothing could be better than our amazing Welcome Dinner.

Tomorrow the touring begins! So much to see and do in Jerusalem and the group will visit all the important sites. We've even arranged for them to go to the amazing Sound & Light Show at Tower of David on Saturday night. They'll watch the story of Jerusalem unfold in breathtaking moving images projected on the ancient walls and archeological ruins of the Citadel. It's a complete multi-sensory experience.

After Jerusalem, the group is off to the Dead Sea. Unlike other tours, we always stay overnight at the Dead Sea so we eliminate the exhausting pre-dawn trip from Jerusalem to Masada and back again. From Masada we continue further south to Eilat and after the thrill and emotion of Jerusalem and Masada, it is the perfect time to relax or take our optional day trip to Petra. The group will fly from Eilat to the North instead of driving as we always try to avoid long tiring days. Our routing allows us to create the perfect tour of the North which includes Haifa and the magnificent grottoes at Rosh Hanikra.

Their tour will end in vibrant Tel Aviv where the group will experience all this fabulous city has to offer. We have an amazing Farewell Dinner planned with outstanding food, music and dancing. As a special bonus, an amazing speaker is coming to give a talk before the party – but's a surprise!

At Israel Discovery Tours, we make sure that when you go on your trip of a lifetime – you see all of Israel.

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