2014 was certainly a tumultuous year, but at Israel Discovery Tours it ended wonderfully with our fantastic Family - Bar/Bat Mitzvah tour over winter break.  Arriving over Hanukkah, our families lit the candles and celebrated the Festival of Lights together at the magnificent Waldorf Astoria, Jerusalem.  What an experience to be in Israel over Hanukkah!  All the families gathered together at the welcome dinner; meeting each other, bonding and preparing for their journey of a lifetime.  It may not come in a box with a bow, but can there really be a better Hanukkah gift than taking your family to Israel for your child's Bar/Bat Mitzvah?

After touring all over Israel and having an amazing and meaningful Bar/Bat Mitzvah service on top of Masada, our group ended their journey in Tel Aviv with our fabulous banquet on New Year's Eve.  In 12 short days the group saw, felt and experienced Israel.  Most importantly, everyone (especially the children) came home with a special connection to Israel - a bond that cannot be broken.

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We thought you would like to see some of the letters we received after our December passengers returned home:

We had an amazing trip to Israel with Israel Discovery Tours!  Our experience started with the excellent administrators who were extremely helpful and informative in scheduling our trip, which we completed in one week!  Once in Israel, the high level of service continued throught the entire trip.  The itinerary was well organized and packed with important places to see.  Our tour guide was a true historian with colorful details about Israel's history and the politics of the region.  We saw so much of Israel and never had to worry about logistics.  We were always greeted warmly at each hotel, the food was plentiful and delicious, and our children had so much fun with the other kids on the tour.  The Bar/Bat Mitzvahs on Masada were particularly meaningful.  Meeting the rabbi in advance, having a rehearsal, and having the ceremony held in such a historic Jewish place made it all an experience our family will never forget.  We highly recommend Israel Discovery Tours to families looking to have a rich, meaningful and fun trip to Israel.  It was simply outstanding!    -Melissa, Francis F. & Family - Chicago, IL

We just returned from a terrific and completely joyous Bar/Bat Mitzvah trip to Israel.  Watching our grandson's Bar Mitzvah on top of Masada was a treasured experience that we are never going to forget.  Being able to share in the excitement of our family's journey through Israel was a treat.  Our tour guide, Avi, was as good as they come.  He was smart, knowledgeable and had a great sense of humor.  Our bus driver, Shmilo, was also as good as they come.  We could not have been more satisfied.  We relaxed and learned so much.  The itinerary was so perfectly planned.  It's so hard to please so many people on a tour, but they did.  We were on the go from early in the morning, where we had delicious breakfasts each day, until late evening where we feasted in restaurants - the menus were varied and the food was superb.  The service we had was excellent.  The Israeli people were delighted to have us there and it showed.  The trip was educational, interesting and fun, right on up to the gala party the night before we went home.  The people on our bus were very congenial and the kids had a great time and did not want the trip to end.  We want to sincerely thank Israel Discovery Tours for a job very well done.  They did everything above and beyond what you would expect.                                                                          -Leslie & Neil B. - Las Vegas, NV

Our family had talked about going to Israel for our oldest son's Bar Mitzvah since he was little.  We had built the expectations up so much that we worried whether the kids (ages 10 & 13) would truely comprehend and enjoy the experience.  Our Israel Discovery Tour exceeded all of our expectations.  From the moment we landed in Israel and were first welcomed in Jerusalem through our journey around Israel we felt at home.  We were part of the majority, not the minority.  The friendships forged with other families as we explored Israel will last a lifetime.   -Nicole & Mark L.  -Glencoe IL

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